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English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

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Alma Lozano
ELL Specialist
Eden Gardens Elementary
Phone: (510) 723-3820 x 14215

ELAC Agendas 2021-22

What is ELAC? English Learner Advisory Council - it is a meeting place that parents can use as a platform to express their concerns and ideas to both the school and the district, with the possibility of bringing about change.

How will it benefit the children? They will feel the effects of their parents’ concerns, resulting in an impact on decisions at both the school level and the district level. They will see the change in their parents, as the parents are empowered by the trainings they will receive, and as they develop the ability to speak out for their families.

What are the programs ELAC offers? ELAC offers workshops that cover broad areas, such as legal issues involved in working with EL students, trainings in reading and homework techniques that can immediately help their children, and trainings in dealing with different family problems.

Why should the parents attend? This is their arena, where they get to express their concerns and successes and share with other parents the struggles and joys of raising their children. This is where they can put forth their thoughts and concerns about their children's education at the site and district level. Parents have more expertise about their children's education than they realize.

How does ELAC help the parents with the education of their children? The workshops will bring marked improvement in their interactions with their child's education. Their presence at the school will let the child know that their parents know what's going on with their education.

Elected ELAC Members

  • SSC Rep/Rep. Concejo Escolar-
  • DELAC REP./ Rep. de DELAC
  • Member/Miembro

Parent Guide/ Guia para padres

A Parent Guide to Understanding the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

Guia de padres para comprender las Pruebas de Suficiencia en el Idioma Ingles de California (ELPAC)



Comité asesor de aprendices de inglés

Juntas de ELAC Fecha y horas          

1. 10/21 9:00-10:00 

2. 12/8/21 8:30-9:15

3. 1/5/22  8:30-9:15

4. 2/2/22 8:30-9:15

5. 3/2/22 8:30-9:15

6.4/27/22  8:30-9:15

7. 5/25/22  8:30-9:15

Available online via zoom/ Disponible por medio de zoom. 

Contact Alma Lozano for the Zoom link.  Contactar Alma Lozano por el enlace de Zoom.